Seven minutes from Manhattan, Luxe Licensing is located in West New York, New Jersey. The Waterways ferry will whisk you to our lobby. Highly secure meetings are offered in our 5,000 square foot studio with skyline views, a 35-person screening and training room, a soundproof, 4G conference room and private parking.


They said it couldn't be done.  "It's impossible to click on a playing video and not pause or stop it."   Well, you can, and we did.  It's called "Hot Spot."  Now you can click on any item appearing on a live video stream or a VOD clip and instantly place that item into your digital shopping cart. No video pausing, no stopping, no kidding. There is one catch though... you can only get it from Luxe Licensing.

A Tribute to Stanislav Drokin, Jeweller Atelier

Stanislav Drokin commissioned Luxe Licensing to name, create a theme and produce a branded short-form video we entitled "Aqua Majestic."

Used at trade conferences, as b-roll on broadcast, cable and online networks, "Aqua Majestic" has been well received by thousands. Music composition by Debbie Wiseman of London's Royal College of Music. 

Harry Winston, "Into the Night"

This short-form promotional presentation was created for Harry Winston by Luxe Licensing (LL). Leveraging LL's Vbrochure digital offering, these unexpected video invitations were hand delivered in LL's Vbrochure format to fine  jewelry editors and bloggers days before NYFW 2017.

The Pirelli double 6e

An electric, dual-engine sports car with a force field?  It's real and it's  a world-first from sport tire legend, Pirelli. The sports car name, conceptual theme and post production were created by Luxe Licensing.

This is demi-fine

Online searches for "demi-fine" now result in over 32,000,000 results. This after years from it's soft launch, the "demi-fine" is a trademarked name in the U.S. jewelry, watch and accessories industries and protected by Luxe Licensing.  We also own and several similar web and social sites reflecting the word mark and actively engaged in promoting the same.


When the House of Borel, a young, luxe apparel and accessories brand wanted to command sensuality and intrigue, they looked to Luxe Licensing. 

The result was a script-to-screen lifestyle shoot including casting, props and a custom score. No text or voiceover were needed to communicate the brand's message. This debut, one of six mini-movies in a social series weaved branded elements resulting in strong social views, comments and shares for this upscale design house.

130 hours IN 4 MINUTES: Chanel"S Haute Couture jacket

Chanel's highly detailed and secret design specifics for their most recognized jacket were only communicated by the legendary brand's elite. Now, everyone may explore 130 hours of haute couture stitching and strategic Chanel craftsmanship safeguarded by worldwide design patents  in a mere 4 minutes. 

instant content. Insta_tap

A business card instantly converts to an interactive catalog, a digital ticket, contest or game.  Want to change the content after handing it out? No problem change the tap to reveal a special offer, web site, an invitation  or instant access to a web conference call. No downloads, no apps, no kidding. Insta_tap is exclusively from Luxe Licensing.

Jewelry Opera

Virtual reality meets augmented reality meets real life performance. This is the explosive creative blend of fine jewelry art, modern opera, theatre and the human mind. 

hello wow factor: The Vbrochure

Jaws always drop a little when the Vbrochure is first opened.  Use it in your next postal mailing, training or special event. Leverage the large, touch-sensitive screen, HD, stereo and auto-play video - all with remote access to send the Vbrochure new content, 24/7, even if the product is oceans apart from you. Add 360 degree user tracking and you may feel like you're actually living in the year 2020.

Your Adventure Awaits

Blending gemstone exploration with exotic, distant travel, these destinations are home to some of the world's most sought after gems and mines. You won't find these vacation hideaways on any GPS. Lucky for you, Manhattan-based Joe Menzie is your highly experienced tour guide and gemstone aficionado. Enticing individuals, couples, families and business executives into a world of global gem travel will leave you with an unforgettable,  once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Luxe Licensing was one of five companies honored with creating on-demand apps which acted as overlays to NYFW live streams. During such, viewers were able to select a look, learn about it, heart it, save it, share it, pre-order it, and chat with select designers pre and post NYFW events

THE billionaires report

When UBS & PWC were compiling their annual Billionaires Report, they turned to Luxe Licensing to translate a fifty-page report to three minutes of captivating animation. This video was featured at U.S. airport terminals, programmed into business and first-class  Delta in-flight entertainment, and increased readership of the bank's statistical findings available here:

Rewriting Jewelry History: This is Dacian

This debut of Dacian jewelry merged mystery with ancient history resulting in unexpected attention from the History Channel. Soon after, Luxe Licensing was contracted to produce a jewelry segment for the national cable network.

The story of Wallace Chan

From dire poverty to becoming the gemstone, this teaser deployed augmented reality with live action and  focuses on the legendary high jewelry art of Wallace Chan. 

As one of the world's most sought-after designers, Chan allows us to step into his zen-like mind to reveal an unexpected visionary rebel. 

Breaking the rules of metallurgy and breaking science, Chan constantly bends reality and nay-sayers to into his devoted fans and clients.

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Vera wang: $0 to $100M

Enhanced for Jassin Consulting Group, Luxe Licensing elevated and underlined  Andy Jassin's key verbal elements with custom graphics and animation to bring his story alive.